2019 / 2020 Home & School Dues

This year we are asking families for a one time $50 contribution.

A little history – In the past, Room Reps have taken up a collection before Christmas and at the end of the year for Teacher Gifts.  The families of the school have always considered these two times of the year as the perfect opportunity to give back to our very hard working teachers and staff.  The suggested donation was $20 per family at Christmas and at the end of the school year.

THIS YEAR we would like to ask families to contribute a ONE TIME Home & School dues fee of $50 at the beginning of the year.  What does this $50 cover?  It is your teacher gift contribution of $40 and the extra $10 will be used for teacher classroom wish lists.  Just think – no more looking for your Room Rep in the school yard, no more sending your kid into school with $20 in an envelope hoping they don’t lose, no more feeling guilty because you forgot to send in your contribution.  $50.  One time.  Everyone wins!


Thank you.


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