About Home & School

The SBCA Home & School Organization is a parent volunteer organization.  Our mission is to promote a sense of community and a strong school family.  Parents support the organization by attending and volunteering at various Home & School events throughout the school year.

All of the money raised at our events goes directly back to the school.  Along with the administration, the Home & School Organization helps to identify needs for the school and the students.  Some examples of what our fundraising efforts went towards in the past year – new Chromebooks, classroom field trips and supplies, drama club funding.  Your time and participation make a difference!!

What does Home & School do?

Home & School carries out its mission through these basic program areas:

Home & School Events.  H&S events are the very heart of our school community – they are a place for parents to get to know one another and for the children to hang out outside of school hours.  In order to run these events we need a volunteer commitment from every family.  We understand the demands of each family vary greatly which is why we have so many different ways to get involved!  Volunteering does not mean you need to attend events.  There is also a donation option if you feel you are unable to make the time commitment.

Room Reps.  Each classroom needs at least one Room Rep.  Room Reps are asked to work with teachers to coordinate classroom parties throughout the school year and help with H&S communication.  Room Reps are also asked to help collect donations for Christmas and End-of-Year teacher gifts.  Christmas donations are used to create themed Christmas baskets.  Raffle tickets for the baskets are sold at the Road Race, Pizza with Santa and the Christmas Concert.  All money raised from Christmas basket raffles is given to the teachers as a gift from the families of the school!

Catholic Schools Week.  Volunteers are needed for the Book Fair and the Teacher Appreciation Breakfast in January.  This week is a fun and exciting opportunity to give back to the students and the teachers at our school.

Teacher Gifts.  H&S collects membership dues from families to provide gifts to our teachers at two important times during the year – Christmas and the end of the school year.  This is our way of giving back to our very hard working teachers.

Meetings and Social Events!  H&S Meetings are held once a month.  This is a place to get together to plan events and also raise questions, voice concerns, discuss new ideas, etc.  We also hold a number of different social events throughout the school year that do not require any volunteer time – just your participation!  We truly believe in enhancing the communication and collaboration amongst parents at our school.  We need your help to build a strong school community and a culture where the parents come together to promote and cultivate family spirit!