FAQ & Resources


What is a Tag Day?
A Tag Day is a ‘No Uniform Day.’  A charity or cause is usually identified for families to make donations and students can come into school on that day in their ‘regular’ clothes.  Some tag days also have a theme associated with them – e.g.  Wear Red for a Bed.

Arrival Times: 

K2-6 : 7:40- 8:00      K0-K1: 8:10-8:25

The times have been staggered the times in order to control cohort crossover.

If your child is in  K2-6 and  arrives after 8:00 am your child will not be permitted to enter the building until 8:30am via the front door. This will allow the students in K0-K1 to enter the building safely.

What is rolling drop-off?  – Currently not in use due to Covid
Rolling drop off is offered for children in grades K2 through 6.  There will be teachers at the East 3rd Street/parking lot entrance beginning at 7:45am.  They will open the car door for your child.  There are also teachers in the school yard to supervise the children.  On extremely cold or raining days the children will be allowed to go straight into the gym.  Rolling drop off is not a time to help your child out of the car with their backpack or give them one last kiss goodbye.  If you are not comfortable with a teacher helping your child our of the car and going into the schoolyard while you drive away then rolling drop off is not for you!  The school usually sends the policy home at the beginning of the school year.

What is the sibling line? – currently not in use due to Covid
The sibling line is for younger siblings (Pre-K and K1 students) of children in grades K2 through 6.  Parents must wait with the younger sibling by the gym door.  Once all of the students from K2 through grade 6 enter the gym there will be Early Childhood teachers there to escort the younger students downstairs.

How do I pay H&S dues? 

The current year dues are $60/per family. You can pay via Venmo at @SBCA-HomeSchool… or you can pay by check made out to: SBCA Home & School. Please ensure you put “H&S Dues with your child(ren) name ” in the memo/comments. If you would like to send a check, please put it in an envelope addressed to Amanda Nee and have your child give it to their teacher to give to Amanda.

Uniforms are available through Lands End online at www.landsend.com using our Preferred School Number: 900141060.

How do I get involved?

The success of H&S depends on the parents of SBCA! We understand life is busy, but please consider donating a small portion of your time to building the incredible community that is South Boston Catholic Academy.

We’ll be setting up several committees within H&S to help ensure no one person has to take on too much.  Please email us at SBCAHSO1@gmail.com  and we will get you involved.

Have a question that’s not listed?  Leave a comment below and we will answer your question…

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