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April Vacation Covid-19 Guidelines and Protocol: 

Please review Dr. Civian’s email for the details. It is critical that our families continue to follow safe practices when it comes to COVID-19 so we can continue to keep our students healthy and in the classroom.

What is the Covid-19 protocol? 

If you or anyone living in your household has tested positive OR has been in close contact with anyone who has tested positive for Covid-19, you must notify the school (Dr.Civian and Nurse Jaime) immediately and quarantine at home. Your child(ren) must not be sent to school. It is the parent’s responsibility to contact the school directly. Click here  view the detailed protocol policy. Please review Dr. Civian’s email from 12.8.2020 for additional policy details.   

You should also contact anyone else who you have been in close contact with so they can quarantine and get tested as well based on the CDC guidelines.  

How will I be notified if there is a positive case at the school or in my child’s class?

    • Classroom/Cohorts with exposure will be notified directly with complete details outlining the protocol for your child and any siblings in your household. 
    • No school-wide emails will be sent unless a case starts or spreads in the school.
    • Due to HIPPA no personal information about a child/staff member will be released.  Please do your part and don’t ask who or spread rumors. 
    • If you or a family member in your household has been exposed to Covid please keep all child(ren) out of school and notify Dr. Civian and Nurse Jaime ASAP.
    • As a reminder, if your child(ren) were potentially exposed at SBCA, you will be notified by the school directly.

What happens to the impacted classrooms/cohorts? 

You should reference the email you receive from SBCA for complete details for your specific situation, should it arise. Below are some of the steps taken in previous situations (updated November 2020).

  • Classrooms will go to virtual learning for a quarantine period
  • Your child must be tested prior to returning to school. The results will need to be shared with Dr. Civian and Nurse Jaime.
  • A return date will be provided to you based on the exposure or positive test result date.
  • K2 and older students will work remotely. You will receive daily communication from the classroom teacher.
  • SBCA will make any resources needed available to your child(ren). If you need an electronic device for remote learning, please contact the school to coordinate a pick up. 

What if my child’s class has a positive case and I have other children at SBCA?

If one of your children has a positive case in their class, only the children with the direct expouse will need to remain out of  school until the return date, which will be provided to you. In most cases this will be 10 calendar days.

The child with the positive case AND all of those deemed close contacts (children within the same classroom/cohort) will need to get a Covid-19 test (taken 5 days from exposure for the most accurate results based on CDC guidelines) AND will remain out school until the date provided by SBCA.  Other children in your household will be able to remain in school (unless they have a direct exposure/close contact).  Return to school date will be provided to parents by Dr. Civian or Nurse Jaime. Please reach out to Dr. Civian and Nurse Jaime for questions or policy clarification pertaining to your situation. 

What if my child or a family member living in the household was exposed to someone who tested positive but has no symptoms and had more than 1 negative test since the exposure. Do I have to wait 14 days before my child can return to school? 

First, please contact Dr. Civian and Nurse Jaime immediately about your situation. If you were in contact with someone who has tested positive do NOT send your child(ren) to school. Please reference the SBCA Covid-19 protocol policy here  for returning to school safely. If you have any specific questions please email Dr. Civian and Nurse Jaime directly for guidance. 

Will virtual/remote learning be provided if my child needs to be out of school for an extended period of time due to Covid-19? 

Yes, students K-2 and older will be provided with remote learning. Please coordinate directly with your child’s teacher and Dr. Civian on the details. 

For students in K0 and K1, no virtual learning will be provided. However you can reach out to your child’s teacher for their daily schedule and sample activities to do at home.   

What are the State of MA travel guidelines and do I need to follow them? 

Yes, all Mass residents must follow the MA Travel Order, which can be found here. 

***Disclosure:  All Covid-19 policies and protocol’s come directly from Dr. Civian and supersede the information on this page. The above FAQ’s are subject to change per school policy at any time. Please contact Dr. Civian and Nurse Jaime if you have any specific questions, concerns or clarifications on the Covid-19 policy. H&S did not create the Covid-19 policies.  

Where can I buy books and support SBCA at the same time? 

The Scholastic Store Online is open all year round and 2% of each purchase will go towards SBCA. During our designated Book Fair periods, SBCA will earn 25%  on all purchases.  Click here to access SBCA Scholastic store.

What is a Tag Day? 

A Tag Day is a ‘No Uniform Day.’  A charity or cause is usually identified for families to make donations and students can come into school on that day in their ‘regular’ clothes.  Some tag days also have a theme associated with them – e.g.  Wear Red for a Bed.

Arrival Times: 

K2-6 : 7:40- 8:00      K0-K1: 8:10-8:25

The times have been staggered the times in order to control cohort crossover.

If your child is in  K2-6 and  arrives after 8:00 am your child will not be permitted to enter the building until 8:30am via the front door. This will allow the students in K0-K1 to enter the building safely.

What is rolling drop-off?  – Currently not in use due to Covid
Rolling drop off is offered for children in grades K2 through 6.  There will be teachers at the East 3rd Street/parking lot entrance beginning at 7:45am.  They will open the car door for your child.  There are also teachers in the school yard to supervise the children.  On extremely cold or raining days the children will be allowed to go straight into the gym.  Rolling drop off is not a time to help your child out of the car with their backpack or give them one last kiss goodbye.  If you are not comfortable with a teacher helping your child our of the car and going into the schoolyard while you drive away then rolling drop off is not for you!  The school usually sends the policy home at the beginning of the school year.

What is the sibling line? – currently not in use due to Covid
The sibling line is for younger siblings (Pre-K and K1 students) of children in grades K2 through 6.  Parents must wait with the younger sibling by the gym door.  Once all of the students from K2 through grade 6 enter the gym there will be Early Childhood teachers there to escort the younger students downstairs.

How do I pay H&S dues? 

The 2020/2021 year dues are $60/per family. You can pay via Venmo at @SBCA-HomeSchool… or you can pay by check made out to: SBCA Home & School. Please ensure you put “H&S Dues with your child(ren) name ” in the memo/comments. If you would like to send a check, please put it in an envelope addressed to Amanda Nee and have your child give it to their teacher to give to Amanda.

Uniforms are available through Lands End online at www.landsend.com using our Preferred School Number: 900141060.

How do I get involved?

The success of H&S depends on the parents of SBCA! We understand life is busy, but please consider donating a small portion of your time to building the incredible community that is South Boston Catholic Academy.

We’ll be setting up several committees within H&S to help ensure no one person has to take on too much.  Please email us at SBCAHSO1@gmail.com  and we will get you involved.

Have a question that’s not listed?  Leave a comment below and we will answer your question…

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